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Rapattoni Tips - Copy a Listing

Copy a Listing 

To copy, or clone, an existing listing to create a new listing.

You can only clone your own listings (this would be done if you are relisting a property at a later date or it has expired and you want to use the same information.

You will want to review the remarks sections to ensure the information is still accurate. 

  1. From the Listings menu, choose Copy Listing.
  2. Type the listing number you want to copy, and click Next.
  3. Leave the check boxes selected for the information you want to copy, then click Copy.
  4. Modify and complete the listing information as appropriate.
  5. Click the Submit button in the MLS toolbar.

Rapattoni Tips - New Features to Help Your Listings

On approximately June 1 the following features will be available:


 New Facebook Features on Listing Detail allow posting


      Emailed Search Links Active now for 90 days


      Post Listings to Twitter® and Facebook® 


      Auto-Prospecting Email Options allow more flexibility       


  •       Agent Remarks Field increased to 1000 characters


Rapattoni Tips - Flyer Reports Have a New Look

Starting June 1, you will have a few more options on your Flyer Reports.  

Check them out under:

Admin Menu

Custom Report Writer

Follow the steps to make your report


You can also check out the short video to get yourself up and running quickly.


Here are your new options

§  Single Photo Flyer w/QR Code

§  5 Photo Flyer

§  Postcard



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