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Rapattoni Tips - Marketing Remarks/Picture Descriptions

If the Marketing Remarks field does not allow enough space for the property description, you may add additional comments to the propety pictures.  To follow are instructions for adding picture descriptions: 

You can add descriptions to property pictures that will display to anyone viewing the listing.

To add a description

      1. From the Listings menu, choose View/Revise Your Listings. All of your active listings automatically display. You can use the Filters area at the top of the page to view a different status, if necessary.
      2. Next to the desired listing number, click the Revise icon . The Revise Listing menu displays.
      1. Under the Pictures heading, click Upload/Manage Pictures. The Manage Pictures page displays.
    1. Click a picture to highlight it and then select the Edit button located in the top right of the picture thumbnail.
  1. Enter a description of the picture in the Image Description box. NOTE: The maximum amount of allowable characters is 1000.
  2. Click the Done button. WARNING: New uploads and changes will not be saved to the listing until you click the Save & Exit button.

NOTE: To delete a picture description, highlight the picture and click the Edit button. Once the picture displays, delete the text and click the Done button. WARNING: Changes will not be saved to the listing until you click the Save & Exit button.

TIP: View the video tutorial entitled "Upload and Manage Pictures" on the Learning Center for a quick overview of this feature. The Learning Center can also be accessed directly from the Help menu.


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