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Rapattoni Tips - Ranking and Statistical Reports

Using the Statistics Button

The Statistics button lets you view statistics based on your search criteria or selected listings. You can include any criteria, including amenities, and then calculate statistics for the listings that match. Statistics can be viewed in a variety of formats including pie charts and bar graphs.


Go to Searches, then Standard Search.  Enter your criteria then click Statistics on the Tool Bar.  On the next screen, under Statistical Format, there are several report options to choose from, i.e., Ranking Report, Market Statistics Report, etc. 


To see more detailed information

  1. From the Statistical Format drop-down field, select a report


  1. Click the Submitbutton in the MLS toolbar.

TIP: View the Learning Center video tutorial entitled "Statistics" for a quick overview of this feature. From the Help menu, choose Learning Center, then select Statistics.

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