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Rapattoni Tips - Set Rules for the Find Comparables Tool

Running a CMA has never been easier with the “Find Comparables” feature.  Clicking the “Find Comparables” button on the Listing Detail page will automatically run a radius search around the property address to find listings with the same characteristics such as number of bedrooms and bathrooms.

When searching for comparable listings, you may want to consider properties that are similar but have slightly different characteristics such as an extra bedroom or one less bathroom. You may also need to adjust the distance of the radius in order to expand or narrow the search results.

While you can make these adjustments manually by revising the search criteria, did you know that you can adjust the default rules used by the Find Comparables feature to better suit your needs?

To set up your Find Comparables preferences, follow these steps:

  1. 1.Log onto the desktop MLS
  1. 2.Highlight the “Admin” option in the MLS menu bar
  1. 3.Click the “Find Comparables Setup” menu option
  1. 4.Update the values on the Find Comparables Setup form to adjust the feature’s default criteria
  1. 5.Click “Save” or “Save & Close” to save your changes

Rapattoni Tips - Access Desktop MLS from Mobile Device

Rapattoni’s Edge Mobile MLS is designed specifically for the mobile experience by providing a responsive design that adjusts to match the size of the device you are using, with touch-initiated actions to access the most commonly used functions of the MLS.

The Rapattoni Edge Mobile MLS is available as both a native app (which can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store or the Google Play Store) or as a web app which can be accessed via the native web browser on your mobile device or any other compatible mobile browser, including Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Firefox.

When using the web app version, you have the option to switch from the mobile platform to the full desktop platform.  This may be beneficial when using a larger mobile device such as an iPad or Android tablet as it gives you the full power of the MLS, such as the ability to add a listing.

To Access the Desktop:

  1. 1.Log onto the MLS via a mobile web browser (web app)
  1. 2.Tap the ‘Links’ option
  1. 3.Tap “Desktop MLS”


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