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Selling in Spring? Start Planning Now!

By Ron Caplan

Many agree: listing a home for sale in the spring is a time-honored ritual, since that’s when the shoppers emerge from hibernation. Though there is much to be said for keeping your house on the market in winter, when there is less competition from other sellers, winter is a good time to begin the process of selling – for which preparation and planning are key.

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Foreclosures: Guiding Survivors and Helping Buyers

During the Great Recession, the National Association of Realtors® analyzed that nearly 9.3 million homeowners underwent a foreclosure, deed-in-lieu of foreclosure or a short sale. After sitting out of the market for several years to rebuild their credit, these former homeowners are slowly coming back to the market looking for another chance at homeownership.

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New NYSAR Advertising Campaign

NYSAR is launching a new online media campaign. It will show the benefits of working with a New York State REALTOR® when selling a home. A creative and humorous, shareable video casts the REALTOR® as a “trusted wingman” in guiding consumers to make good decisions. The online advertising campaign, on various digital networks, will be used to drive consumers to the new consumer “Wingman” branded landing page.  They will learn more about the value of working with a REALTOR® and use our Find a REALTOR® tool connecting to members in their own area.  Click here and “Share” the video today!

The FSBO Option? What Sellers Should Know


For homeowners considering selling, the “for sale by owner” option may seem appealing. The advantage may seem clear: a seller can eliminate – or partially eliminate – the broker commission and keep the maximum possible profit from the sale. Particularly in a sellers’ market, FSBO may seem like a simple and lucrative option.

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