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2021 Columbia Greene Northern Dutchess MLS Board of Directors

President Tracy Boomhower

Vice President Paul Trantanella

Secretary William Laraway

Treasurer Karen Davala

3-Year Director Lindsay Lebrecht
2-Year Director Deborah Smith
1-Year Director Nancy Felcetto

CGBR President Angela Lanuto

Reminder - Access to the MLS is for Members only!

Per Section 13.1 of the CGND MLS Rules and Regulations:  

Participants or subscribers allowing a non-member access to the MLS, including giving login and password information to a non-member will be held to the Sanction Policy, Section 10.  There will be an automatic suspension for 30 days and a $5000 fine.  An unpaid fine will result in an automatic termination and the fine must be paid before reapplication will be considered.


Have you given your ID and Password to anyone?


What's New in RPR

See What’s New at RPR, April 2016

Website Enhancements

The new Autofill Address Suggestionjumps into gear when searching for a single property. Note that the address matches will be for properties within the user’s MLS(s). This new feature will also return matches for cities, counties and neighborhoods.

The Agent Remarks Field has been extended from a 500 character word limit to a 4,000 limit. Accordingly, Showing Instructions has increased from a 300 to 4000 character limit.

The Home Facts Section now includes the option to add additional, customized facts to any property.  This includes any “standard fact” that we may not receive from MLS or Public Record data, and also any unique or custom fact that the user would like to include about the property.

Home facts entered by the user will appear along with other facts within reports. Note: the added home facts will not flow to the Comparative Analysis or Sales Comparison Analysis tools.

  1. Add home facts by selecting Add Another Row.
  2. Choose from a drop down of choices or enter your own property fact.   

RPR Commercial

Commercial practitioners can now search properties by specific keywords within a listing description.Specify up to six words or phrases within the advanced search or within the search filters on the left hand side.  The results will return listings that use at least one of the keywords.

Enhancements to RPR Mobile™

TheRedo Search option reverts a map back to the original area after the user has zoomed in or out of the map. 

An Opportunity for Potential Television Work

Two Cats Productions is developing several new TV series in the real estate/property space for a major cable network and are looking for outstanding talent to star in the shows. TwoCatsTV is an Emmy Award-winning nonfiction production company in NYC.  They seek people in two spaces specifically:



(Additionally, the network has asked to find a woman who works in these areas herself.) 

Read more: An Opportunity for Potential Television Work

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