Real Estate Scams in the Columbia, Greene and Northern Dutchess areas

To make you aware, there have been real estate scams reported lately of two different kinds.

One is the "Home for Rent" scam on Craigs List.  Please make sure your properties are not listed where they should not be.  And if you find them out there, the state police are currently investigating these situations so you may want to contact them as well as contacting Craigs List to report the scam.


Please be aware that there is a person in the Greene County area who is representing himself as a Real Estate Agent and he is not on the DOS website as a licensee.

The father of this scammer, a handyman, may also be involved.  They have gone so far as to contact the  homeowners to show the property.

Please ensure that your sellers or buyers know to contact you as their agent to confirm the legitimacy of a request to show a property

If you do not know the agent, check to see if they are in the MLS or on the DOS website.  Keeping yourself, your clients and their properties safe is of the utmost importance.

The State Police in Greene County have been contacted.