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Rapattoni Training - What a Wonderful Experience

When you get endorsements like: "Excellent", "Just what we needed", "Thank you , Thank you , Thank you!"  you know it was a wonderful experience.

The last two days were spent learning as much as we could about Rapattoni and how to best us the system.  So sorry if you did not make it, the education was worth every minute!


Our two Rapattoni trainers: Laura Dimick and Ashleigh Portanova, were smart and patient ladies and took us through training for Beginners, Advanced, Train the Trainer and Staff Training to make those of us who participated even better at what we do.

Thanks to the time spent, we know a lot more about the CMA product, reports, reverse prospecting (how cool) and setting up or defaults so we use less clicks to get the things we want from the MLS tool!

Thank you Ashleigh and Laura!



      Ashleigh                   Laura


Post by Suzanne Close

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